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App-Solute Beauty: 7 Best

I’m a beauty everything junkie. Products, Tips, Tricks, Reviews, Websites etc. So naturally apps are on that list. And I have an equal obsession with apps. It’s a problem. But hope this helps!


1. Beauty School Type F

Everything Beauty 101. And all customized to you. What could be better?


2. Beautylish

Just absolutely amazing. Videos, articles, how tos, reviews, big photos, social, and shopping! You create a profile customizing your results. Beautifully designed app and painfully addicting.


3. Sephora

One of the best beauty stores with an equally amazing app. Not just for shopping, tutorials and a blog. Be a beauty insider and get perks like free samples, rewards, pre sales, birthday gifts, etc.


4. My Skin

Make a profile and take a skin assessment. Followers and message boards make it social. See who has the same type of skin as you and find out what products work best for them. Search for products and get a rating on how well they would work for you. Very helpful!


5. Beauty Bar

Beautifully designed app. Great for shopping & even has an awesome subscription box. Tons of products and has several sister sites linked to the app! (Babies, home essentials, pets, toys, home decor, activities for kids, natural products, books, and clothes)



6. Total Beauty

This app actually isn’t as nicely designed and doesn’t have all the features the website version has (the website is AMAZING). But both are the best way to get reviews on any beauty product. And you can save them all to a wishlist!


7. Pretty in my Pocket

Tutorials, advice, reviews. Save products to a wishlist or your “primp bag” (to show what you own). Follow your fellow consumers, friends, experts, and companies and share what you find! Also gives you a notification if you’re near a perk (deal at a beauty salon, store, etc.).


H a v e   a n y   b e a u t y   a p p s   y o u   l o v e  ?


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