Goodbye Sweet Serial Killer, Hello Tortured Marine


I love TV. Plain and simple. And there are just entirely too many shows for even the unemployed to get through at the same time. But being one of those unemployed I would like to use my time wisely and go through each show at a time. I recently finished the Dexter series. It was UNREAL. Lovable characters, crazy twists, extremely unique concept, suspenseful. And I kind of have the hots for leading man. Despite the series finale being one of the worst I’ve ever seen I 100% recommend watching the series.



Which brings me to my new obsession. Homeland. I’m about to finish the first season and I just started last night. The most addicting show I’ve ever seen. Careful if you have a full time job. The third season just started so at least there aren’t a ton of episodes to take over your life. But get to it. It’s worth losing a job over.


R e c o m m e n d   a n y   o t h e r   s h o w s  ?


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