Fave Feel Good Shows

In an earlier post I shared some songs and quotes that help me out when I’m having a hard time. After all even if we don’t all have the same struggles we do all have them none the less. Being an enormous tv fan I turn there sometimes when I need a pick me up.

1. FRIENDS: The absolute best feel good show.

2. SEX & THE CITY: A great one for dealing with stupid boys.


3. SEINFELD: Hysterical.


4. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: similar to Seinfeld. Equally hilarious.


5. WORKAHOLICS: Stupid funny.


6. MODERN FAMILY: Hysterical feel good family show.


7. BOY MEETS WORLD: Corny in a great way.


8. FRESH PRINCE: Just amazing.


I know I’ve got to be missing some.
A n y t h o u g h t s ? ?


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