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Prevent Hair Breakage

Whether you have bundles of hair or your locks are looking sparse none of us want our hair breaking. I’ve struggled with hair issues for about 4 years now. Dry ends, split ends, dull, frizzy, oily roots, and seriously weak strands which then lead to a lot of breakage and hair loss. The cause of hair issues is pages and pages long, mostly internal. Which is hard to diagnose most of the time. So let’s start with the basics of external hair care.



1. Don’t sleep with your hair up: It pulls on your hair too much

2. Use gentle hair ties: When you do put your hair up (during the day) use a safer one like:

Twistband Specialty Pack: $12


Ombre Seamless Hair Ties $9


Snag-Free Hair Elastics


3. Beware of the sock bun: I know, it’s an easy solution especially for those of us with thin hair but that rips your hair out right at the roots. If your hair is weak or fine avoid at all costs. I learned the hard way

4. Don’t comb your hair while it’s wet: Your hair is much weaker while wet so therefore much more prone to snapping. So just put in a detangler and wait until you have to start styling (i.e. blow drying). Use a wide tooth comb if you can.

Great Detanglers: 

12 Benefits Healthy Hair Treatment $1912_benefits_instant_healthy_hair_treatments

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle $21.95


5. Dry hair with a a cotton Tshirt: This I love. Again, since your hair is weaker while wet, you don’t want to use a rough towel on it. Instead dry your hair with a cotton Tshirt. This will not only avoid breakage but it will decrease frizz and is great for girls with curly hair!

6. Use a protective spray before heat styling: Even if you use a low setting any amount of heat is bad for your hair so keep it protected. 

*12 Benefits & Beauty Protector both do this too!

7. Let hair dry 75% of the way before blow drying: Also a big issue with heat styling is most women use it before they actually need to. Give your hair some time to dry (i.e. strengthen) before you start torturing torching it. 

8. Sleep on satin pillow cases: When you go to sleep at night the best way to avoid breakage and to keep hair frizz free is to sleep on a smoother pillow case. 


And of course  B E   G E N T L E !


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