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3 Easy Tips to Get in Your Daily H2O


So water takes up 2/3 of our planet, 98% of our bodies, and we probably one cup of it a day. We are constantly hearing how important it is to drink at least 8 cups of it a day, it’s obviously available, and clearly the biggest component of our entire body..So why don’t we care that much? Many of our health concerns are a result of being dehydrated. Depression, irritability, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, vision, skin issues, hair issues, nails, soreness. The list goes on and on. For whatever reason we feel it’s just impossible to drink enough water. What a hard life we live…


1. Concern: Water bottles are expensive and I can never keep them in stock enough.

Solution: Instead invest in a reusable one. Like the bkr glass bottle. Silicone sleeve in whatever color you desire (there’s a ton of options). Bonus: celebrities are a fan.


2. Concern: Water is just too plain sometimes.

Solution: Add a tiny bit of your favorite juice (grapefruit, lemonade, cranberry etc). Or go for the real thing. Throw in some squeezed lemons, limes, cucumbers. Or take it a step further and infuse it into your water.

Bottle and flavor = two birds with one stone. 

infused infuser

Besides adding flavor you can add bubbles!

Soda drinker? This is an easy solution.



3. Concern: I just plain forget.

Solution: Keep this water bottle on you at all times (even just around the house). Set an alarm every few hours to remind you that it should be refilled. Your internal clock will start to pick up on this. Mark the bottle at intervals with a time stamp to show where you should be at what time.

FANCY REMINDER:  Jomi Interactive

Fits around most water bottles. Keeps track of how often and how much you drink. Gives you reminders, and the app and website track all of this for you! And can send you push notifications when you’re falling behind on your daily goal.


 * Also when you wake up every morning you should drink a glass of water with lemon in it. Not only are you getting in a cup before you’re even out the door but this actually improves your metabolism for the day.

 * And whenever you start to feel sluggish, moody, or get a headache go drink a cup of water. Dehydration is most likely the cause.


A n y   t i p s   o f   y o u r   o w n  ? ?


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