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Download Music LEGALLY & for FREE


Remember Napster? Yeah, that program that would take 6 hours to download one song and then in turn corrupt your computer to no repair. Even after that we all hoped the same program with a different name would not ruin our computers…Kazaa, Limewire, Frostwire. I thought I had learned but then came UTorrent. Supposedly legal and thought to not corrupt any computer, even a PC. But here I am a year later with my mac running slower than I ever thought possible. I do still believe UTorrent is a good program. After all I did download thousands of songs and several full series of hour long shows. If you’re careful UTorrent could be fine (not for PCs though, sorry). Which brings me to the fully legitimate, no virus alternative. Unfortunately you can only download one song at a time and it doesn’t really work for tv shows or movies because it works strictly through YouTube. But I say it’s worth it to download individual songs and have zero risk at ruining your $1000+ computer. Also as you can tell, I refuse to pay Apple .99 per song. They already rip me off enough with all the products I own of theirs. (Still love them. Don’t get me wrong)



1. Find the song you want on YouTube.

2. Copy and paste the link into the text box

3. Click Convert.

4. Click Download.

5. Add file to your iTunes Library.


Don’t forget about Spotify though! Not only can you find and listen to any song for free, but you can make your own playlists. You don’t have to share with others on Facebook if you don’t want to. The only downside is you can’t listen to it offline or stream it (unless you pay for Premium). And there are commercials every few songs.

*But I use it mostly to help me figure out what songs to download. A new artist you don’t know much about? It gives you their top 5 songs. Just download those and see if you like them before you download their whole discography. Also at the top of the artist’s page it gives you suggestions of similar artists that you might like.

It’s as simple as that!

G o t    a n y    o t h e r    s u g g e s t i o n s    t o    d o w n l o a d    f r e e    m u s i c  ,   t v  ,   a n d  /  o r    m o v i e s  ?


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