5 Tips To Naturally Grow Your Lashes


Oh eyelashes. Everyone wants them long, full, and curled to perfection. But achieving such results is nearly impossible, even with the Diorshow. But if you follow these 5 tips you’ll be amazed at the results that come naturally. 


1. Take your makeup off every night.

Besides the fact that it’s bad for your skin, your mascara really irritates your eyelashes, pulling on them and drying them out. 

2. Use a gentle eye makeup remover.

How often do you find yourself pulling your eyelashes off to complete tip #1?  Avoid that with the soothing Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion which is not only gentle but conditions your eyelashes as well. My other favorite, Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, is incredibly effective at removing even the most stubborn eye makeup in seconds. Less rubbing = less fall out.

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion $7


Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover $10.50


3. Put vaseline on your lashes before bed every night.

I love vaseline. I know, kind of weird to say. But the endless uses for it are incredible. One of them being that they can improve your eyelashes. Put some on before bed and you can visibly see them fuller, softer and overall healthier.

4. Don’t use waterproof mascara.

As much as I’m the person who wants to always be prepared for anything, waterproof mascara really isn’t good for your eyelashes. It dries them out which makes them more prone to breakage. If you are insistant on keeping your mascara waterproof though, invest in Bare Minerals Locked and Coated. It goes on over your regular mascara to keep water abay. 

Bare Minerals Locked and Coated $12


5. Use a conditioning base mascara before putting on your regular mascara.

As you can tell conditioning your lashes is one of the most important parts of keeping them healthy and beautiful. So take the extra step in your makeup routine to put a conditioning base on your lashes before your mascara. I like Smashbox Layer Lash Primer.

Smashbox Layer Lash Primer $18



So before you struggle with fake eyelashes, spend a fortune getting them put on at a salon, or spend even more on Latisse follow these 5 tips. You’ll be amazed at the difference. 




2 thoughts on “5 Tips To Naturally Grow Your Lashes

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