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Get Your Girls Fitted: Tips to Find Your Exact Bra Size


Apparently none of us wear the right bra size (or 99.9999% of us). We all think we do, we’ve gotten fitted. We think I mean…Victoria’s minions know her secret. I don’t. That’s gotta be worth something right? Well apparently not. There are actual skilled professionals where this is their livelihood. So let’s listen to them.


Just a few quick tips

(which probably will just make you realize how illfitting your bra really is)

1. Straps should just rest on your shoulders. There should be no marks on your skin and they shouldn’t be falling off either.

2. The band should fit securely but not snuggly in level with the underwire.

3.Obviously gapping cups are too big and spillage means they’re too small.

Style: "03-110407-CHA_87"

Now let’s go right to the source.

1. Ali Cudby Fab Foundations: Super in depth, has a book and everything

2. Thirdlove App: An app that tells you exactly what size to wear! scientists made it. 

3. She Finds Linda Bra Specialist: Gives you some basic tips

4. Jockey Fit Kit: A little kit to find your right size then find exactly which Jockey bra is right for you.

5. Real Simple Fit Guide: Exactly as they promise. A real simple guide to finding the right bra but with all the necessary information.

6. Her Room Bra Fitting: Answers all bra fitting questions and then some

7. Maidenform Bra Fitting: Just 2 easy steps



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