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Au Revoir Français, Bonjour Moon Mani


The French manicure has been around forever, and the actual French don’t even wear it. Yes, it’s a classic look that hand models for Tiffany’s wear, but that’s about it. It’s more than boring. Which brings me to my favorite nail trend that’s still simple and so easy to do, and of course, much more fabulous. It is called the Moon Mani, or Half Moon Mani. Basically instead of lining the tip of your nail you fill in the “half moon” marking by your cuticle. I’m obsessed. 



1. Choose 2 nail colors (can be absolutely any combination)

2. Prep your nails as you normally would (should be clipping, filing, buffing, etc.)

3. Base Coat

4. Paint your entire nail one color

5. Let it dry for 5 minutes or more

6. Place a three-hole-punch-sticker over half of the base of your nail

7. Paint the other color down the length of your nail

8. Let dry for another 5 minutes or more

9. Finish with your favorite top coat



The reason you wait so long for the drying periods is because you don’t want the colors to mix. You want a hard line between the two.





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