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You’re Opposite of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Not this….


I love an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party just as much as the next guy (probably more) but it’s time to invest in a pretty Christmas sweater. Yes, they do exist. And no, you most likely will not find them at your local salvation army. These sweaters are soft, not overweight grandpa sized, and adorned with cute novelty prints.

Grab one this season before it’s too late!

Here are my favorites:


Topshop Gingerbread Man Sweater $84

topshop gingerbread man sweater 84

Topshop Snowflake Textured Sweater $88

topshop snowflake textured sweater

Coincidence & Chance Cropped Penguin Sweater $59

coincidence & chance cropped penguin sweater

J.Crew Skier Sweater $98

skier sweater 98

Nasty Gal Soft Star Sweater $52

nasty gal soft star sweater 52

Asos Pretty Vacant Reindeer Sweater $48

Pretty Vacant Reindeer Sweater $48 asos


Topshop Jacquard Sweater Two-Tone $84

topshop jacquard sweater two tone 84

Sparkle & Fade Chevron Shine Tunic Sweater $79

sparkle and fade shimmer chevron sweater79

J.Crew Collection Stained Glass Cashmere Sweater $398

jcrew collection cashmere stained glass 398

Harley of Scotland for J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater $185

harley of scotland for jcrew fairisle sweater 185

Nasty Gal Light of Dawn Sweater $48

light of dawn sweater 48

MinkPink Glam Rock Sequin Knit $98

minkpink glam rock sequin knit 88


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