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Put the Muzzle on Frost Bite

winter snow shine

Good morning from bitter cold, icy New Jersey. If you’re in similar conditions I feel for you, and hope some of these tips to stay fresh and warm can help. Despite the blues that resonate from such weather we don’t have to look all that gloomy. And when we do have to venture out into the wilderness (i.e. to and from our car) I have some bundling tips that might help. 

cozy winter fashion

I feel a little bad about the title of this post, after all doggies can do no wrong. But regardless, we need to protect ourselves from this animal that is winter.

cold penguin little girl cute


Obviously our skin comes first. Not only is it the most prominent part of our body but it is the most affected, besides our souls of course. So keep your skin looking and feeling radiant with these:


Your face, duh, needs a lot of attention.

Try on of these ultimate face moisturizers

body shop vitamin c face moisturizer


Since they’re on your face and even more delicate they need something special.

Use one of these ultimate lip chaps.

burts bees conditioning lip balm


Love the light sesame scent. And equally love the concept. You’ll feel like you’re in a spa. When your skin is still damp after a shower pour a little of this all over. You’ll see the water drops evaporate and your skin glisten. No body lotion works this well. 

neutrogena body oil


I love Vaseline. Plain and simple. One of it’s great uses is to keep your skin soft. Put it on your feet and hands before bed, put on gloves and socks, and wake up to the softest skin you never thought possible. Sometimes I even put it all over and sleep in leggings and a sweatshirt.

I prefer the cocoa butter one



When you’re out of the house you have fewer options.

Bring a little vaseline tube out or invest in a nice hand lotion like one of these ultimate hand lotions.

l'occitane hand cream lotion

fur winter fashion


Stay warm head to toe without feeling like Geore Costanza

seinfeld george scary cold coat


snood polaroid fashion winter


Warmth comes second to a ski mask but the not only fashionable, but socially acceptable, look is far superior. 

Topshop Bambi Faux Fur Snood $70

bambi snood topshop 70

Asos Geo-Tribal Fluffy Knit Snood $30

asos geo tribal fluffy snood 30

Asos Waffle Chevron Snood $45

asos waffle chevron snood 45


A good winter hat covers your ears, isn’t itchy, and keeps your noggin warm and toasty.

(I know they’re technically not all hats)

UGG Classic Earmuffs with Speakers $85

ugg classic earmuffs with speaker 85

Nordstrom Cashmere Beret $42

nordstrom cashmere beret 42

Club Monaco Cashmere Janis Hat $90

club monaco janis cashmere hat 90

Urban Outfitters Turban Rib Knit Beanie $24

urban rib knit turban beanie 24

Club Monaco Turban $80

club monaco turban 98


With or without a hat underneath a hood on your coat is a lifesaver. Snow, rain, wind, or just more coverage, it’s always helpful. 

Vince Camuto Fur Hood Down Puffer Coat $198

vince camuto fur hood puffer coat 198

Zara Hooded Wool Coat $140

zara hooded wool coat 140


Gloves obviously. But make sure you get a pair that you can use your smart phone with otherwise what’s the point, right?

Echo Ruched Gloves $30

echo ruched gloves 30

UGG Australia Fashion Shorty Tech Glove $100

ugg australia fashion shorty tech glove 100


Yes our mothers have ingrained in us all “layer, layer, layer”. And they were right. But avoid the bulk by layering a thin long sleeve tee underneath. Then throw on your shirt and cardi. The little layers actually make a big difference.

J.Crew Perfect Fit V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee $20

jcrew perfect fit tee 20


Didn’t know you could layer your pants? Well this was truly a godsend when I figured this one out. Wear a pair of tights underneath, or even a thin pair of leggings.

Urban Outfitters Fleece-Lined Opaque Tights $16 or 2 for $22

urban fleece lined opaque tights 16:2 for 22


Socks obviously. The tights keep your feet warm as well as your legs so there’s already a layer there. So just top them with a thick cozy sock. 

Hue Textured Cuff Socks $10

hue textured cuff socks 10

Nordstrom “Butter” Crew Socks $7

Nordstrom butter crew socks 7


cute bundles fashion winter


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