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Like the Pink Starbursts? Meet it’s Beauty Match



In reference to my previous post admitting I have a problem with Chapstick, I want to share one of the best ones in a bit more detail. If you’re a beauty product junkie you have most definitely heard of Smith’s Rosebud Salve , but have you heard of the other scents it comes in? Besides the original faint rose scent, there are two others that, to many, rival it. One is a sharp peppermint and the other an intoxicating strawberry that smells identical to everyone’s favorite Starburst.



With all the same benefits packaged into a similar little old fashioned tin, the Strawberry , in my opinion, trumps all. The heavenly fruity scent is equally as addicting as the multi functional product itself.


Also comes in a little tube if you don’t like to stick your finger into a pot.



  • On hands, elbows, anywhere that’s dry
  • On split ends
  • Lips
  • As a highlighter on your brow and cheek bones
  • On burns, blisters, sunburn, insect stings, or bug bites to sooth and heal
  • On your cuticles
  • To tame your eyebrows
  • To heal blemishes
  • On cracked heels with socks before bed
  • To tame frizz
  • On diaper rash
  • To make a powder eyeshadow into a creme one by mixing them together
  • As an eye primer
  • As a lip primer



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