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Rack Attack: Don’t Forget About This Shopping Haven


One of the best department stores has had separate discount locations for years now. These savvy shopper dreams are all over the country, some being better than others. But nonetheless you can almost always find something amazing for an equally amazing price.
They call these beauties the Nordstrom Rack.


I haven’t been to the Nordstrom Rack near me in years simply because I forgot about it since it’s not that close. But after this trip to California I can say with certainty that I will be making a regular trek up to mine. The Nordstrom Rack down by Laguna Beach is absolutely amazing. I spent an hour just in its makeup section that isn’t even that big because there are so many hidden gems. I ended up leaving with $250 worth of products for only $100. So worth it if you’re a beauty product junkie like myself. And I’m happy to say that everything I got I love! Rare. Very rare. And just so you know there is also a website. Stoppp. And wait…also an app. Yes, seriously.


In addition to the Nordstrom Rack I am a huge fan of Neiman Marcus Last Call. These products are normally more high end than Nordstrom but the deals I find are sometimes better. Take a look at them both. Make it easy by just checking the NM Last Call website.

This site you can shop on unlike Nordstrom’s. And you can get emails and text alerts on your phone.







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