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H&M Online Shopping Has Arrived, Along With it’s Olympian Line

Okay so apparently this started in August and I’m embarrassed and regretful to say I had no idea until today. H&M has been one of my favorite stores since I was a 14 year old teeny bopper with high socks and Harry Potter glasses. Maybe that doesn’t make the store sound too great…or maybe that was cool then? Regardless, I think we, and fashionistas worldwide, can preach to it’s fabulousness both in style and in prices. And I am pleased to tell you, if you haven’t already heard, that the days of scouring through mismatched racks are over. At least there. You can not only browse the collection from the comfort of your own home, but order it directly to your door. I am beyond excited (me not my bank account) that we can finally do this.

And to bring it all together I want to spotlight their latest collection, GO GOLD.

Obviously, we all know the Winter Olympics are right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than to look the part. I have to admit I am not an athlete. In fact, I’m the farthest thing from it. These pieces, however, have given me more incentive to work out than any Victoria Secret catalog. Yes, they’re that fabulous. And no, Elle Woods would not be wearing them. These ultra chic get ups, while all with athletic inspiration, are not all for the gym though. 


EXHIBIT A: Base Layer Dress $29.90


Running Shorts $24.50, Scuba Top $49.95

runningshorts24.50 scuba top49.95

Running Vest $49.95, Sports Tights $34.95

running vest 49.95

Hooded Merino Sweater $59.95 (with the running shorts)

hoodedmerino sweter 59.95

Sports Bra $19.95 (with the sports tights)

sportstights34.95 sportsbra19.95

Printed Tee $12.95 (with the running shorts)

t-shirt with printed design 19.95

Lightweight Down Jacket $99 (with the sports tights)

lightweight down jacket 99

Reversible Down Jacket $129

reversibledownjacket 129

Go Gold Water Bottle $3.95

go gold water bottle 3.95

Leather High Tops $49.95

leather high tops 49.95

Running Hat $9.95

running hat 9.95

There’s also a Men’s Collection



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