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Low on Space, High on Fabulousness: 10 Makeup Products to Pack


You’re almost done packing for your trip to South Beach, amazed that you only needed one extra bag for your shoes. You’ve already dumped your hair products, toothbrush, and contacts into the top compartment of your luggage. Now all you have to do is fit your makeup into that tiny sliver of space you left next to your blow dryer. All of a sudden you realize, maybe I am high maintenance. While trying to cram your oversized bronzer into your makeup bag you wonder if you really need all those palettes and rainbow colored eyeliners. Obviously panic sets in because what if you need that navy shadow for your ladies night out to the W on Thursday? Pack these 10 products and I’m sure you’ll manage. You’d be surprised at how little you  actually need. And if you have a crevice of space left you can squeeze in something fun like your gold eyeliner or oxblood lipstain.


1. BB / CC Cream

Whichever one you use be sure to pack it. They are the perfect base for any and all makeup looks. Not only do they make your skin look flawless but they act as a primer to hold the rest of your routine on. 

A great option is the Garnier BB Cream $10.00

bb cream garnier

2. Mascara

Obviously. No look is complete without a few coats of this.

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3. Brown Eyeliner

For a more subtle look use brown eyeliner instead of black. You can use it for dramatic looks as well though by blending it all over your upper lids and then smudging some on your bottom lash line. Your brows can be filled in with a brown eyeliner if used lightly and the same goes for minor contouring (i.e. around your nose)

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4. Black Eyeliner

An essential for most already, the black eyeliner is perfect for tightlining, a cat eye, and blended for a dark smokey look. 

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5. Red Lipstick

This bad boy is not just for your lips. You can dab a little on your cheeks as blush and blend a little on your lids for a soft pink shadow. 

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6. Vaseline

This is the most versatile product ever. Use on chapped lips, as a highlighter, to transform a powder to a cream, to tame your brows, on split ends, to heal cuts scrapes and burns, as a makeup remover, to condition your lashes and brows, etc etc etc.

I love the Cocoa Butter one


7. Bronzer

Whether you use a matte or shimmer bronze these don’t have to be used to add allover warmth. They can be used to contour, as an eyeshadow, as a liner or darker eyeshadow when applied with a wet brush, to fill in brows. 

The Milani Bronzer XL Powder ($10) has both a matte and a shimmer side

milani bronzer XL powder $10

8. Highlighter

Besides obvious highlighter reasons you can also dust a bit of this over your lids with or without a shadow underneath. Highlighters instantly brighten your face so they’re a must for traveling. 

The L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer ($12) works great as a highlighter

loreal magic lumi primer $12

9. Finishing Spray / Powder

You want all that to stay on right?

I love the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray $8

nyx matte finish setting spray 8

10. Eye Primer

Since the BB / CC Cream and finishing spray / powder don’t apply to your eye makeup you have to throw one of these in as well. 

E.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer ($3) works amazingly 

elf eye primer 3

Don’t Forget Your Brushes!

How else would you apply all this?

Lastly check out my Save vs Splurge post on Makeup Bags

Now where to?



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