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Pinterest Meets Shopping: Must See


I don’t need to start with asking if you’ve heard of Pinterest or even if you’re addicted to it. I know with certainty the answer to both those questions is yes. And if the answer to the latter is no that is surely followed by “I’m afraid to get sucked in”. Which is a legitimate fear. If you have a job or any responsibilities be aware that they will be in danger. For those of you already struggling with the addiction I am not here to help. In fact I am only adding another productivity killer to the list. This substance is known as KEEP. It comes in the form of a website and (gulp) an app. It has the same addicting qualities of Pinterest (i.e. the never ending scroll of crisp images, a creative way to save and share what you find, and lastly the infinite discoveries). The only difference between the two is that Keep supplies strictly shoppable items.



As Seen on Instagram let’s your shop through Instagram





Make gift giving easier




Be Careful. Beware. Be Shop-Happy.


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